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Collagen Plus

What is Collagen Plus?

Collagen Plus is a formulated dietary supplement with delicious taste which deliver all the nourishing benefits of marine collagen plus essential nutrients for a beautiful skin, healthy looking complexion, and total body wellness.

Each bottle of Collagen Plus provides a full 30 days supply!

Biolink Collagen Products are Pork Free

BIOLINK ENTERPRISE products are guaranteed to be free of pork, pork derivatives and alcohol production process is absolutely in line with Muslim specifications, suitable for consumption by Muslims.


Why Shall We Take Collagen Plus?

As we grow, the Collagen content in our body slowly decreases, especially after 25 years of age.

Free radicals such as toxins and the enzymes collagenase, ultra-violet rays, air pollution, stress, etc are contributing to the loss of Collagen in our body, thus accelerates the aging process via the points, bones and nerves. Our skin will lose its tenderness, wrinkles appearing, and our body deteriorates physically.

A cup of COLLAGEN PLUS daily, you will see initial improvements in just 14 days, and full results in 2-3 months of consume.

It is a dream come true for all women who want to look younger, prettier, slimmer & healthier!


Beautiful Skin:

  •  Repair damaged cells & aid cell regeneration.
  •  Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  •  Promoting skin firming & lifting benefits.
  •  Maintains skin's natural elasticity.
  •  Produces more even-toned skin.
  •  Helps achieve a glowing radiant complexion.
  •  Assists in healing damaged skin (acne scars, wounds, burns, etc).
  •  Improves overall skin condition.

Muscle Building:

  •  Rich natural source of Glycine, the amino acid vital for muscle growth.

Bone / Joint Health:

  •  Plays a direct role in building bone matrix by acting as a "glue" to fasten calcium into bone matrix.
  •  Raw material for cartilage synthesis & repair - cartilage reduces joint friction, thus serves as a shock absorber for the bones.
  •  Reduces oxidative damage to joints.
  •  Stimulating reductions in joint pain, tenderness & swelling.


  •  Corrects weak, broken, split, ridged and damaged nail beds.


  •  Thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss.

Blood Circulation:

  •  Repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity of blood vessels, thus improving circulation.

Weight Management:

  •  Builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.

Reduces Cellulite:

  •  Stimulates the body’s own collagen production to battle cellulite, which is caused by a breakdown in collagen fibers in the skin.



Contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, as natural colon cleanse and reduces the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol in the body.



Stimulates the growth of friendly and healthy intestinal bacteria which supports good colon health.



Vitamin C: The key ingredient to stabilize skin collagen and functioning; a highly effective anti-oxidant, acting to lessen oxidative stress.

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12): It plays a key role in energy metabolism, and is required for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins; assists in balancing hormones; helps protect skin from wrinkles; helps the body build antibodies; helps in body heal wounds; protects cellular damages; speeding up growth of hair and slow greying of hair; helps lower the level of bad cholesterol; reduces the risk of heart disease and type-1 diabetes; beneficial for a healthy nervous system and a well-functioning digestive system.


Seeing is Believing!



Quality Assurance Award

People's health is our aim. Biolink's enhanced product effects not only gained the trust from our customers, but also recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

On 7 March 2013, Biolink won a reward issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Want to have white skin? Drinking Biolink collagen allows you to achieve this effect. The witness in the photo is proof of that. Since she drank Biolink collagen, the skin become white and bright, not only but also can help the body detoxify, slowly by inside and outside send out a good natural healthy color of skin.


Wanna get a white and radiant skin? This is the solution! Drink Biolink Type 2 Collagen! It will bring you to achieve this results that you dream of! Trust me, people who knows me would know that I was a dark person. My skin condition improved a lot after drinking Biolink Type 2 Collagen. It not only helps to whiten the skin, but also acts as a detoxifier, lubricates the intestine to help the stool elimination and promotes a healthier intestine! It also reduced back pain. So many benefits in one! Been approved by MeSTI! Safe and Reliable for everyone!

Stop waiting and grab one now guys!

Mr.Por, 48, had been feeling a twinge of uncomfortableness in his chest and was panting whenever he talked. After the doctor's diagnosis in a private hospital, he was informed that his heart was in trouble. In hope of improving his situation, he spent around 20K Ringgit Malaysia for receiving treatment. However, his condition had not been improved even though he had undergone a series of treatments. One of his friends came to his rescue by introducing our product, Biolink Collagen Type II. He decided to have a try of it and insisted to have our products for 2 months. To his surprise, his body's condition had been improved ever since the consumption of our product. He had regained his vigour and could now talk without panting. Morever, he was relieved from chest's discomfort and heart's trouble. Furthermore, it is now needless for him to consult doctor for further treatments.


Friends, relatives, and even family members will have the possibility of suffering from this disease. Although it is not immediately fatal, but it is a chronic killer torture you the rest of your life! When the spread of diabetes in your body, you will feel tired, excretion not smooth and other symptom.

Want to prevent it?

It's not difficult. The Biolink Collagen Type 2 has been successfully help many patients. Although no pictures to prove, but we have witness from one of our customers.

Before Ms Khor drinking Biolink Collagen Type 2, because of severe diabetes led to tired, skin itch, body to absorb nutrients slowly let her feel that life is no fun. Medicine that doctor gave also can't control the disease. The illness lasted more than 20 years.

After drinking sixth cans of Biolink Collagen Type 2, Ms Khor return to hospital checkup.She was surprised that diabetes are already decline.

Nowadays, Ms Khor's diabetes is under control,and shake of those trouble that following her 20 years.

Have any elderly ever complaint to you about their knee and joint pain? Commonly known as rheumatism, the pain is doubled especially on rainy days. If you or any elderly in your family have these symptoms, they can now be effectively treated from root.

The testimonial above is recorded by our onsite visit team.

This customer (60 years old) was suffering from knee and joint pain. Her movements were slow and inconvenient. Her knee constantly popped “crikcrak” noise, and she was taking painkillers twice a week. Over the years, she developed the “O-shape” leg (refer to image 1 above).

A friend introduced the customer to drink BIOLINK COLLAGEN TYPE II.

In just eight months after drinking BIOLINK COLLAGEN TYPE II, the customer has bid farewell to her knee and joint pain. Her legs gradually become strong enough to hold her upright. She no longer needs to take painkillers, her spirits uplifted and there were reduced age spots on the skin! See the obvious results on image 2 above.

She is one of our value customers. She is a Chinese Indonesians. She is 63 years old. She is taking our Biolink Enterprise (Collagen Type ll) product. After taking two bottles of Collagen Type ll product, she is in good health. Now, she is having the sixth cans of the product.

He is 73 years old and is having Biolink Enterprise (Collagen Type ll) product.


Heart disease, is one of the most feared disease and the number one killer in Malaysia.

Mr Ng, in his forties, seldom exercises, and did not control his diet. He suffered from an heart attack eight years ago. His heartbeats were 3-4 times faster (250-300 beats per minute) than an average person. For years, he was carrying his cardiac medications wherever he is going, as a cardiac arrest may just attack any time, even by just walking or driving a car. He was suffering more than three sudden attacks a year.

This had let himself and his family very worried. His heart disease was a time bomb, they do not know when it will explode.

A friend introduced him to Biolink Collagen Type II. After persistently drinking it for a year, not only his body feels better, his heart rate gradually settles back to normal. This not only surprised him and his family, even the doctors he frequently visits are surprised with such improvement.

Today, though still have the emergency cardiac medications in his pocket, Mr Ng has not been needing it for while now, and he is no longer a frequent visitor of the emergency room anymore.




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